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How can you help?

Make an ongoing donation!

$35 a month provides the following services to a child at an Orphan Center:

• Day care for younger siblings
• Access to medical care
• Educational and legal assistance
• Food, clothing and safety
• Counseling
• Training

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orphan centers in need of sponsors.

To become a sponsor, just click below on Sponsor a Center, print the convenient bank deduction form, fill it out and mail it in. The mailing address is:

3630 Charter Park Drive
San Jose, CA 95136


Why Donate? What does your donation do?

All fund raising by Santa Cruz Cares prior to the fall of 2008, went to build, equip, and operate the Tsakelani Orphan Day Care Center in Soshanguve. Our focus will continue to be towards full funding of this center which, when fully operational, costs $3,500 per month to run ($42,000 per year).

In the fall of 2008, the AFnet Board came to the decision that they would not be able to expand their orphan program until there is truly a sponsor to support each child that is currently in the program. AFnetAid is committed to 552 orphans in five centers. The Tsakelani Center is "full" with 38 sponsored children and cannot accept more (even though it has the capacity for 100) until the day that all 552 children have sponsors. As a group, Santa Cruz Cares and TLC have emotional and real ties with the newly constructed Mansa, Zambia, AIDS Orphan Center. We have committed to help solicit and encourage sponsorships for the children at the ILB (Isubila Lya Bana, which means "Hope for the Children") Mansa Center, which will also require 100 sponsors total to be fully supported.

AFnetAid's monthly commitment:

Tsakelani Orphan Day Care Center has 38 children attending.
Nellie's residential orphanage is now under the Tsakelani program; 32kids live there.
Isubila Lya Bana (Mansa, Zambia) has roughly 100+ children.
Ithemba la Bantwana (sponsored by Big Valley Church) has 40 children.
All the centers and the feeding program need more sponsors. Operating the centers costs roughly $35 per month per child when the center if fully attended.
Providing food parcels (which also feeds the entire family) costs $50 per month and is supported only when funds are available.
It costs $165 per month to pay the salary for one day-care worker or a home-based care worker.

Donations made directly to AFnet and/or AFnetAid will be receipted by AFnet.

If you would like to help support an Orphan Center by providing a monthly amount You can arrange through AFnet to have a regular contribution taken from your checking or savings account – or you can send a regular donation. (If $35 is too much or too little for your budget, any amount will help – or your excess over $35 can help someone else reach the goal.) Look at to learn more about AFnet, an incorporated 501(c)(3) organization which means your donation is tax deductible.  Please specify the name of the Orphan Center you are supporting or if your preference is for monthly food packet distribution in the public schools.